Miranda Day Surgery


Phone: +61 2 9525 8669

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are here to ensure the best possible care for you, these include;

Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager, Cheryl will be happy to answer any questions before your surgery and she will call you the day before surgery to give you your admission and fasting times and to go through a pre-surgery questionnaire with you.


On the day of your surgery one of our friendly receptionists Erin or Jeanette will be your first contact at Miranda Day Surgery. They will be able to assist you to complete necessary paperwork and answer any questions you may have about your admission. They will also be able to assist you with any questions you may have about your account.


Our admission nurse will greet you in the reception lounge and escort you to the admissions area. You will be required to put a theatre gown over your street clothes for your surgery and the nursing staff will assist you if necessary.

In the admissions room you will have your weight, blood pressure and pulse measured and your BSL if you are a diabetic. Your Anaesthetist will also visit you here and go through your medical history with you. If you have any concerns about your anaesthetic the Anaesthetist will be happy to discuss them with you.

Operating Theatres

Our purpose built art operating theatre is fully equipped to meet the needs of your procedure. We are well equipped with the latest instrumentation and innovations. We have experienced theatre nurses who are specialists in the fields of surgery we perform.

The Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Assistant Surgeon and nurses form part of the team that will care for you as you have your surgery. Please feel free to ask the nurses or Doctor’s any questions you may have prior to your surgery. We aim to make your surgery as stress free as possible but the operating theatres can be an intimidating place. Please be assured that the array of equipment and staff are there for your safety.


After your procedure you will be moved to our Recovery Room under the care of one of our highly skilled registered or enrolled nurses. Together with the Anaesthetist they will ensure that your recovery from surgery is completed safely.

During recovery, your vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse will be regularly assessed and you will be given some light refreshments. Once you are fully alert and orientated, you will be re-united with your family or carer and discharge instructions will be given.

You will be advised that after IV Sedation you should not drive or operate machinery, sign important documents or make important decisions for at least 48 hours following your procedure.


Any questions that you may have will be answered and you will see your specialist before being discharged.