Miranda Day Surgery


Phone: +61 2 9525 8669

Booking in for day surgery

A/Prof Wilcsek rooms will discuss with you your preferred date for surgery and book you in for your operation. A/Prof Wilcsek will give you a clear explanation of your operation and his staff will complete the admission form consent with you so that you understand what is involved. If at any time you have questions about your surgery you should not hesitate to contact your doctor’s rooms.

Your Admission Checklist

  • Complete the admission form given to you by your doctor’s rooms
  • Read your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Submit your form as soon as possible before your admission date

You will be required to complete the rest of the Admission Form given to you by your Doctor’s rooms. It is VERY IMPORTANT this form is completed and given to your doctor’s rooms as soon as possible to ensure all the preparation needed for your surgery can be made.

Miranda Day Surgery respects the wishes of its patients and if you have an advanced care directive or treatment limiting order, please ensure you discuss it with your specialist and bring a copy of the directive to the day surgery on the day of your admission.

Admission forms can be submitted by the following means:

  • If seeing your doctor at Miranda then complete your form before leaving the rooms
  • Delivered In-person (preferred). Office hours are between  9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • By mail – Miranda Day Surgery, Suite 25, 20-24 Gibbs Street, Miranda.
  • email -

Once we receive your admission form you will receive a response from our reception staff.