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There are various types of eyelid surgery, the following procedures are performed at Miranda Day Surgery


During Blepharoplasty or lid reduction surgery a variable amount of skin, muscle and orbital fat is sculpted to alter the contour and shape of the eyelids. Upper or lower eyelid surgery can be performed as separate procedures or together.

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Ptosis or blepharoptosis refers to the drooping of the upper eyelid. A slight drop affects cosmesis but more significant dropping of the upper lid will cause frontal headaches, tiredness and interfere with vision. Ptosis surgery can have unpredictable results and should only be performed by a surgeon with a special interest and experience in this form of surgery.

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Ectropion describes the turning out of the eyelid so that the inner surface ("conjunctiva") of the eyelid is exposed to the air causing irritation, discharge, tearing and redness.

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Entropion describes an inward rotation of the eyelid causing the skin and lashes to rub against the surface of the eye. This causes irritation, discharge, tearing and redness and over time causes severe damage to the eye and loss of vision.

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Eyelid Revision Surgery

A significant portion of Dr Wilcsek's practice involves surgery in patients who have had prior trauma or eyelid surgery. Re-do surgery is always more challenging and must be approached with careful consideration. Some patients may have had skins cancers removed that have either recurred or which were not fully excised at the initial procedure. Other patients may have had surgery of the eyelids or surrounding areas that have resulted in an unsatisfactory change in the position or contour of the eyelids.

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Skin Cancers

Unfortunately up to 50% of Australians will develop a skin cancer at some point in their life. Most of these skin cancers occur on the head, face and neck. Dr Wilcsek specialises in treating the "mask area" area around the eyes. This area includes the upper and lower eyelids and extends over the eyebrows onto the forehead, the temples and cheeks.

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