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During blepharoplasty or lid reduction surgery a variable amount of skin, muscle and orbital fat is sculpted or repositioned to alter the contour and shape of the eyelids.

Upper or lower eyelid surgery can be performed as separate procedures or together. Upper eyelid surgery will give a smoother, less heavy and tired appearance of the upper lid. Lower eyelid surgery aims to achieve a smoother appearance under the eyes and reduce bags and wrinkles to give a more refreshed appearance.

The procedure can also be used to add an upper eyelid crease. Some Asian people have lid creases (a “double eyelid”) and some Asian eyelids have no lid crease (“single eyelid”). The aim of surgery is to create the appearance of an Asian “double eyelid” whilst maintaining the Asian characteristics of the eyelid. Adding a lid crease or fold can help achieve a more open and brighter appearance of the eyes.

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