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Eyelid Revision Surgery

Our eyelids have multiple functions necessary to maintain comfortable, healthy eyes and good vision. Eyelids have characteristics that are related to racial background but also vary from person to person. It is important to understand the aesthetic relation of a person’s eyelids and face to ensure this harmony is not altered but rather enhanced.

Eyelids have seven layers each with its own function. When operating on the eyelid it is critical to understand the role of each layer as well as being familiar with the function and protective mechanisms of the eye. Having trained as an eye surgeon prior to training as an ocular plastic surgeon, A/Prof Wilcsek has an intimate understanding of this interaction.

A significant portion of A/Prof Wilcsek’s practice involves surgery in patients who have had prior trauma or eyelid surgery. Re-do surgery is always more challenging and must be approached with careful consideration. Some patients may have had skin cancers removed that have either recurred or which were not fully excised at the initial procedure.

Other patients may have had surgery of the eyelids or surrounding areas that have resulted in an unsatisfactory change in the position or contour of the eyelids.

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