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Dedicated Shire Skin Cancer Assessment & Treatment Centre

Growing up in our beautiful, Sutherland Shire, has seen our lifestyle centre around the Sun. Whilst beautiful, there is a dark side. Skin Cancer.

Prevention is best, however, once damage is done, it is vital that an annual skin check is a part of your annual health check.

“It is estimated that 69% of Australians (73% of men and 65% of women) will have at least one excision non-melanoma skin cancer in their lifetime.”

Understanding Skin Cancer

Overexposure to sunlight is the primary cause of skin cancer.

Due to the high levels of UV radiation that we experience in Australia, all Australians are at risk of developing skin cancer. Some Australians, however, are at a higher risk, including those who have:

  • had a previous skin cancer, including melanoma
  • a family history of skin cancer
  • fair or freckled skin, especially those with skin that burns easily
  • red or fair hair and light-coloured eyes (blue or green)
  • lots of moles on their body
  • worked or currently work outdoors
  • had short, intense periods of exposure to UV radiation
  • actively tanned or used solariums
  • a weakened immune system
  • certain skin conditions, including sunspots.


Skin cancer is classified into three types: 

  • basal cell carcinoma
  • squamous cell carcinoma
  • melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer

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Assessment & Treatment Centre

Miranda Day Surgery’s expert skin cancer specialists are committed to providing comprehensive skin cancer assessment and treatment. At our day surgery, patients can simply get a full skin cancer evaluation and have any identified skin cancers removed during the same session, if appropriate. 

Put your Skin First

With annual skin cancer exams, your skin is prioritised, allowing non-melanoma cancers and potential melanomas to be found and removed prior to impacting a person’s quality of life. 

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